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Environmental Stewardship

You won’t find water hyacinth floating in these waters. Water hyacinth is a huge issue in the San Joaquin Delta area. It flourishes in low water levels as the surrounding temperature increases. It’s typically brought to the shores via big ships from South Africa where it lives and grows in abundance. Besides the fact that the hyacinth removes silt from water and destroys boats and vessels engines, removing the water hyacinth chemically has a huge impact negatively on the ecosystem. It’s proven not to be safe to spray the water hyacinth around certain plants and animals. Considering all of the efforts to eradicate water hyacinth, it remains a huge issue in the Delta, and our marina works above and beyond the call of duty to rid the plant from out location, without spraying toxic chemicals into the environment.

Village West Marina prides itself on its surrounding beauty and the wildlife that live in the area. We have rid the marina area of this issue that affects the entire delta, keeping animals safe, and your boats safely afloat, hyacinth free.

Dockwalker Program

dockwalker programThe Dockwalker Program is led by California Coastal Commission and the California Division of Boating and Waterways’ Boating Clean and Green Program and is implemented in partnership with The Bay Foundation and the Keep the Delta Clean Program. Dockwalkers are volunteers who inspire and educate boaters and others to be safe and environmentally sound while boating in California. Dockwalkers distribute boater kits with educational materials while visiting marinas, boat launch ramps, boat shows and events.

Many organizations have made this program successful including: Save Our Shores, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the US Power Squadrons. Other partners include: Lake Berryessa Partnership, the City of Newport Beach, Association for Santa Monica Bay Yacht Club, Women’s Sailing Association, Windjammers and the Fairwind Yacht Clubs, Humboldt BayKeeper, West Marine, among others.

dockwalker programVillage West Marina proudly participates in the Dockwalker Program. Vickie Bauman, our General Manager, has twice been honored with her name on the Dockwalker Program Hall of Fame wall. In our effort to support this important program, Village West Marina has supplied at no charge over 50 clean boating kits and have made a concerted effort to educate the recipients about clean boating practices.

Village West Marina’s own Harbormaster, Tim Fontaine, is the marina’s designated Dockwalker and will be heading up the program moving forward. Our goal is to see Tim on the Dockwalker Program Hall of Fame wall soon!